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Pallet Management, a leader in pallet sales and distribution in Illinois. Pallet Management is a family-owned pallet distribution firm with a nationwide customer base. We have satisfactorily served some of our customers regularly for 30 years, while reaching out through our network of contacts to continually increase our numbers of satisfied customers. We’ve grown steadily for 30 years and continue to do so today. Let Pallet Management’s trained team of qualified specialists handle your Illinois pallet needs. Continue Reading »

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Pallet Programs and Services

In addition to our wide range of pallet solutions, we offer services designed to make your shipping experience painless in Illinois. Our Inventory Management Program, Just-in-Time Delivery Program, Pallet Usage Analysis and Design, and Pallet Repair and Recycling Program give you the customized tools you need to make the most of our experience and your own resources. Continue Reading »

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